Woodway Mercury S x 25 pc. For Sale

Publish Date: August 1, 2015 : 10:05 am
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Brand: Waco
Offer Price: $63100

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City: Lublin
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Woodway Mercury S x 25 pc. For Sale Product Details and Specifications

You want the best for obvious reasons, why not have the world\\\’s finest treadmill available at your leisure? You will appreciate having the smoothest and most comfortable running surface and can be confident that you are not impacting your household due to its near silent operation. The best part, you do not have to worry about maintenance because a Woodway will last up to 10 times longer than a conventional treadmill.


The Woodway treadmill running area is 17” wide and 68” long.

The length is perfect for tall people who require longer strides.

The 2.0 HP continuous duty servo drive motor provides excellent power.

500lbs weight capacity, you’re assured that the treadmill will remain stable and powerful no matter how heavy the user.

Woodway Treadmill Motor: 2.0 HP continuous duty servo drive motor

Woodway Treadmill Running Deck: 17”W x 68”L

Speed: 0 to 11 mph

Width: 34\\\” (86 cm)

Length: 71\\\” (180 cm)

Height: 60\\\” (152 cm)

Unit Weight: 405 lb

Weight Capacity: Run 500 lbs / Walk 800 lbs (4mph max)

Incline: 0 to 15%

Heart Rate: Yes

Patented Slat Belt Transportation System

Manual (non-motorized) Mode

Contact Heart Rate

Emergency Stop Magnet and Safety Lanyard

Multiple readouts displaying: speed, incline, distance/calories, time/pace, and heartrate/METs

Woodway Mercury x 25 pc. For Sale :

– 220 V Woodway Mercury Treadmills used
– Location : Poland Lublin
– 57.500,- EUR( 25 pc )
– It is the opportunity to buy one piece for 2850 EUR

If you are interested in my offer please contact me.

Award receives no transportation costs !

Woodway Mercury S x 25 pc. For Sale Woodway Mercury S x 25 pc. For Sale Woodway Mercury S x 25 pc. For Sale

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